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Bubba Kush E1 CBD Flower

What do you get when you combine the power of the original Bubba Kush cannabis strain with the reduced potency of E1 hemp? A CBD hemp flower that looks, smells, and tastes like the original. But without the intoxicating effects of THC. 

Looks and Feels

Take these dense, medium-sized CBD nugs and feel their trichome stickiness between your fingers. Then rotate these hemp flower buds in the light for flash of every shade or green rioting with rust-colored hairs and glistening resin. They’re just dazzling! 

Smells and Tastes

The strong, sweet smell of fruit will rise up first, dragging notes of earth, spice, and wood along with it. This CBD dry herb is going to deliver that distinctive Kush flavor, that starts with a creamy, chocolate-y coffee palate and a hint of sour candy, and settles into an experience that’s a little dank, a little sweet, a little woodsy. 


Bubba Kush E1 hemp flower CBD is known to promote active relaxation. Anxiety, pain, depression, inflammation, moodiness, sluggishness can bring your day to a halt. The CBD hemp strain can lift you up and wrap you in a light blanket of euphoria, so you can reclaim your motivation with a calm confidence. 

Try Our Bubba Kush Pre Rolls 

We make them with the same high-quality, hand-trimmed flower (no biomass, no trim, no shake).  Bubba Kush CBD Pre Rolls

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