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Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Softgels - 60 ct.

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Get more of the CBD form that keeps up with you! Ananda Hemp’s full spectrum softgels are ideal for people who want to balance their busy lives. Because busy doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice health and well-being. With Ananda Hemp CBD gels, you get the same amazing formulation found in their tinctures — a blend of their cold-pressed hemp seed oil, premium full spectrum hemp extract, and botanical terpenes. Each softgel is loaded with 15mg of active cannabinoids, so you always know exactly how much you’re taking. Swallowing CBD gels allows for time-release throughout the day, so your Ananda Hemp extract is working while you’re working. Because CBD oil works better when taken regularly, we recommend you use these convenient softgels as a daily maintenance to support your ECS. Produced in small batches, 100% non-GMO, 100% vegan, certified glyphosate-free, and lab tested for purity. Eliminate dosing guesswork, extend time between replenishing, and save money by ordering your 60-count Ananda softgel supply today!

How do you become a leader in the hemp industry for over 20 years? By forging your brand in science and experience and being the one to set the standard for hemp CBD. Ananda Hemp doesn’t need marketing fluff. They are the first and the best in many areas of hemp development. Here’s how:

Ananda’s Chief Science Officer, Dr. Alex Capano, is the first person to earn a Ph.D. in cannabinoid science. She’s no mere “poster doctor” for the brand, but instead actively oversees clinical research and trials involving hemp-derived CBD medicine. For a closer look, read a recent study she led involving Ananda Hemp CBD

Other “firsts” by Ananda Hemp include:

  • First to change legislation — Kentucky-based Ananda Hemp worked alongside legislators to pass section 7606 of the 2014 Farm Bill allowing hemp to once again be grown in the U.S.
  • First legal hemp farm in the U.S. — Ananda’s the first farm licensed to grow hemp in the U.S. 100% of Ananda Hemp’s products are grown and processed in Kentucky, outdoors, without pesticides or GMOs.  
  • First to import genetics and hemp seeds — Since 2014, Ananda Hemp is the first company to import hemp seeds legally into the U.S. For nearly 20 years in Australia, Ananda Hemps geneticists, scientists, and farmers have worked to isolate superior hemp strains. Those strains are now at home in the Kentucky soil and sunshine. 
  • First in research — Ananda Hemp and its partners donate more money to hemp-related research than any other organization in the world. 

We stand behind Ananda Hemp because it continues to innovate in the hemp CBD landscape with its pioneering spirit. The proof is in the products.

High-quality CBD oil like Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum is known to produce a wide range of therapeutic effects. Let’s start with the basics that often contribute to the cause of or are symptoms of disorders and disease: anxiety, depression, inflammation and pain, and poor sleep

Full spectrum CBD interacts with receptors in your ECS to regulate mood, pain perception, inflammation, sleep/wake cycles, appetite, and more. When you take CBD oil daily in a gel form, you support your ECS on a consistent basis, which in turn helps your body’s homeostasis (balance and well-being). Augmenting your body’s natural endocannabinoids like you would with vitamins, allows you to help regulate and recover from stressors which might otherwise develop into symptoms that can lead to illness and disorders. 

All of our Ananda Hemp products are full spectrum or broad spectrum (THC free). With an ensemble of whole plant nutrients — cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, essential fatty acids, and more — you receive better health benefits by taking less CBD oil than you would with a CBD isolate. That’s more bang for your wallet health as well!

We’re all different. Depending on criteria like age, weight, metabolism, diet, and your ECS tone, we all process CBD differently. Therefore, target CBD doses vary from person to person, which you can read about here

No one has OD’d on CBD. Still, we recommend you find out how it affects you first and discover your CBD sweet spot. More is not always better with CBD. It tends to work better with regular use. Also, it’s believed that if you take a lot more than you need, it could become less effective. 

With softgels, we suggest starting with one in the evening with food. See how you feel after a couple of days. If you think you need more, take another 12 hours later. You can take gels in the morning, evening, or both. 

If you want to know more about how you should use CBD to approach your specific needs, please reach out. Our highly-knowledgeable staff is here to help ease you into CBD support with confidence and comfort.

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