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Delta 8 THC Pre Rolls Biscotti Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid

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Delta 8 Pre Roll Biscotti Indica Dominant Hybrid


True to their name, Biscotti Delta 8 pre rolls have a sugary, buttery taste. But the flavor is overpowered by the potent effects they deliver.


The strain was created by crossbreeding South Florida OG Kush with a combination of Girl Scout Cookies and Gelato No. 25. The result is an indica-heavy hybrid sinks the body into a deeply relaxed, pain-free state while energizing the mind with feelings of euphoria.


It’s the perfect strain for a fun, easygoing evening. The combination of mental and physical effects result in a pleasant, happy vibe that perfectly complements a quiet night watching a movie or meeting friends for a meal. Many users report that Biscotti fuels their creativity as well.


The buds themselves are dense and sticky with a deep green coloration laid over a purplish tinge. Fiery orange hairs run throughout the buds, which are flecked with chalky white trichomes.


Biscotti stands out for both its taste and its effects. The unique smell recalls cookie dough, while the sugary and buttery taste is underpinned by notes of coffee and soil. And, although the indica-to-sativa mixture is roughly 80-20, the happiness produced by the mixture can make it feel like an ultra-relaxing 50-50 split.


These pre rolls are created with the highest quality hemp made with organic farming practices. Only A-level buds from hand-trimmed hemp plants are used. Each plant is grown indoors in a light-assisted greenhouse and slow cured over 12-14 days. No cannabis biomass is used.


The Delta 8 THC in these prerolls is made through a solvent-free method without harsh chemicals. The Delta 8 THC is melted onto natural CBD flower, then keifed and placed inside a pressurized container to bond.


For users who want to relax or stop aches and pains with an easy laugh, these Biscotti Delta 8 THC pre rolls are the way to go.


What strain is Biscotti and who created biscotti strain?

Biscotti was created by the Cookies Fam, a group of cultivators from the Western U.S. who have bred popular indica strains such as Chery Pie, Girl Scout Cookies, and Gelato known for the joyful and fun effects they produce.


With Biscotti, the Cookies fam sought to create a powerful indica-like varietal that kept the uplifting effects of a Delta 8 sativa plant. By combing South Florida OG Kush with the product of a mix between Girl Scout Cookies and Gelato No. 25, the Cookies fam hit on a delicious and potent strain that instantly found renown.


The sweet taste and delicious smell reminded the breeders of the Italian cookies often served alongside coffee and — Voila! — Biscotti was named.


The Feelings and Benefits of Delta 8 Pre Rolls


Delta 8 pre rolled joints offer a variety of advantages over other cannabis products. Not only do they bring on effects quickly, but they also function at a higher potency, and work more efficiently with the body’s endocannabinoid system.


Because these Delta 8 prerolls are made from organic hemp flower, they feature the full spectrum of body-nurturing cannabinoids. With this Delta 8 pre roll indica, users reap the benefits of CBD, Delta 8 THC, and terpenes together. This combination creates the “entourage effect” in which the whole functions better than the sum of its parts.


This makes a Delta 8 pre roll more effective at both pain relief and inflammation than regular a marijuana preroll that contains only THC.


Prerolls also have the advantage of smoking. Smoking Delta 8 flower moves the active ingredients into the blood stream at a faster rate than eating gummies. This makes for a quick-acting and more potent product as the body’s natural processors, like the liver or stomach, aren’t filtering out the active ingredients before they interact with the endocannabinoid system.


Compared to vaping a Delta cartridge, prerolls made of Delta 8 hemp flower are more effective, but less discrete.


What is Delta 8 THC

Delta 8 THC is a naturally produced cannabinoid found in every plant in the cannabis family. Chemically and functionally, it’s closely related to regular THC, which is chemically known as Delta 9 THC.


In scientific terms, Delta 8 is known as an isomer of Delta 9 THC. The cannabinoids share the same chemical formula but have different arrangements.


Delta 8 makes up about 1% of CBD flower, so instead of harvesting it naturally, the Delta 8 in these pre rolled joints is created by heating up extracted CBD until a chemical reaction turns it into THC Delta 8.


Unlike Delta 9, Delta 8 THC is federally legal in the United States, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill that also legalized the sale of products such as CBD bud and vapes.


Does delta 8 get you high?

Thanks to its double bonded chemical structure, Delta 8 does indeed produce psychotropic effects. But while gets you high, the feeling is not the same as a high created from using regular marijuana.


Instead, the Delta-8 THC high is a gentler, more mellow kind of sensation. It does not lead to feelings of paranoia or awkwardness and is less “heady” than what marijuana smokers experience. For that reason, many people prefer the Delta 8 high, which creates feelings of euphoria with a more relaxing vibe.


Because it’s less heady, it’s easier to function normally on Delta 8 products and less like that you can take “too much.” Of course, it’s always smart to start with a small amount, say just one puff, then wait for 15-20 minutes and assess how you’re feeling before deciding to use more.


Delta 8 THC Near Me

If you live in the Kansas City area, the place to find the best Delta 8 products is at The Hemp Haus, located at 1708 W. 39th Street.


For those outside the area wondering “Where can I find Delta 8 THC CBD flower near me,” don’t fret. You can find Delta 8 THC near me at The website makes it quick and easy to order the best Delta 8 pre rolls not matter where you live.


Please note, while Delta 8 is nationally legal, some states have laws against buying and selling it. Those are: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Montana, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Utah.









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