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Hawaiian Haze - CBD Pre Rolls

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CBD Pre Rolls 

Hawaiian Haze CBD Pre Rolls

What do you get when you cross the Hawaiian and Haze strains? A sativa-dominant hybrid that delights your senses and soothes and uplifts your spirit. And now you can get it in our top-quality raw cones, pre-rolled for your pleasure. That’s right, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for a grab-and-go hemp joint. Because we only use grade A Stardust Hemp herb grown with organic farming practices in our raw paper; the same CBD flower we offer by weight. We source our hemp bud from 17 different farmers that we sample like it’s for our personal stash (because it is!). If we won’t smoke it, we won’t sell it to you. That means only hand-trimmed flower with no biomass or broad leaf. It means an optimal cure. You’ll be hard-pressed to find hemp prerolls like these. Our Hawaiian Haze pre rolls are packed with this light green flower with nug-hugging orange streaks that will summon you out of your funk with its tropical sensibilities. A myrcene-dominant terpene profile presents strong fruit aromas, punctuated by the earthy, floral notes of alpha-pinene and guaiol. This aromatic island dance delivers the anticipated tropical fruit flavors of pineapple and mangoes along with subtle pine, guaiacum, and just a hint of pepper. Perfect for reducing anxiety, without the high-THC paranoia, the effects of this CBD flower tend to go to the head, where you might discover a chatty, energized self that feels both uplifted and calm. Great for slaying sluggishness and social anxiety. 

CBD Flower Benefits

The benefits of consuming hemp CBD flower are countless and impressively varied, thanks to the many promiscuous relationships this cannabinoid can make within your endocannabinoid system (ECS). The valuable effect of smoking or vaping flower especially include: 

  • immediate relief 
  • the high bioavailability (absorption) of inhalation 
  • the entourage effect of raw flower (all those other natural occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, fatty acids, etc.)
  • affordability (hemp is cheaper than weed)
  • full-body effects without the high or paranoia
  • potential medicinal effects: pain relief, relaxation, anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, antidepressant, addiction treatment, neuroprotection, anti-tumor, bone-healing, antispasmodic, anti-seizure, and more 

Stardust Company Overview

At Stardust Hemp, we know that quality starts at the source and ends with an experienced, knowledgeable staff that would never dream of offering their customers a product they would not have in their personal stash. We have no middlemen here. We visit farms and talk with cultivators, and we hand select the flower that ends up on our shelves. Only high-quality, hand-trimmed hemp flower will pass here—no biomass, no broad leaf—just the preservation of densely packed, ripe trichomes. We achieve this by continuously sourcing from 17 different farms that have organic farming practices. Our cultivators can be found anywhere from the Emerald Triangle to the Nevada mountains. We source from experts at indoor, greenhouse, and outdoor cultivation. Because we don’t use a middleman, we can offer lower prices for a grade A product. Up-to-date COAs are always on hand in our clean, climate-controlled facility.

Dosing CBD Pre Rolls

It’s a personal choice how much of a hemp joint a person smokes. Hemp product effects will vary from individual to individual. Our go-to motto is “Start low and go slow,” until you know your speed. Start by smoking a quarter of one of our hemp flower-filled raw cones and wait up to 15 minutes to assess the effects. Continue until you reach the effects you want. 

If you want to discuss hemp CBD prerolls, or any other hemp product, for your specific needs, reach out anytime. Our staff is highly educated in hemp and is here to support you so you can find the product that is right for you. 

How to Smoke a CBD Preroll

  1. Hold the hemp roll in front of you and light the twisted end.
  2. When the end of the joint is red, inhale through the filter to start it up, pulling the CBD smoke into your lungs (where the cannabinoids enter your bloodstream).
  3. Start with a quarter of a hemp joint.
  4. If after 5-10 minutes you desire stronger effects, continue by quarters.
  5. Gently tamp out any remainder of your hemp flower cone and save for next time. 
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